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so thursday i got to chill with daniel. :) that really made me happy cause i havent seen him since like april. so that was awesome.. it made me happy. geoff and i are about to have 9 months together on sunday. 9 months.. damn. i love himm soo much.. time just flys by when im with him, and when im not it takes fucking forever. :/ lalala lets see.. schools about to start. thats crazy cause my summer is gone. And i cant get it back. i wasted my summer at panda express. ah well. i have a lot of money so im gonna stop bitching. :) hehe wow this entry was kinda pointless... but fuck it, its 1 in the morning, im bored as hell and have nothing else to do. damn i still have to chill with a grip of people before summer ends... hit me up if you do... 310.591.7862... ok im done :)

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