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my summer is officially gay.

i want school to start.
wait let me rephrase that..
i need school to start.

my summer blows...

mostly because i work. i cant drive (legally). and im stuck in marina del rey.. away from everyone.

i have to work almost every fucking day, because there is no one else. my boss isnt hiring new people. he isnt doing his fucking job.

well this has turned into a rant.. i dont fucking care.

im pissed!!!!!

i can rant all i fucking want. :/

heh besides that, i feel distant from everyone. even geoff. maybe its some stupid shit i did?? but i know hes busy with his dj shit and im busy working. too much busyness. he has changed. i feel like i dont even know him anymore.

and i barely get to see any of my friends. i think all summer the only people i've really chilled with besides kasey and geoffrey... skyly, nik, dana, and nery. i see a few people now and then. but i dont get to chill with them...and i miss daniel sooooo much... im not enjoying my summer at all...

why does summer always suck balls for me?

either im depressed out of my mind (last summer).. or im working wayyy too much(this summer obviously.. i miss summers with jamie ♥...i miss jamie :/

being away from my friends, my support, is what causes my mind to fuck up. this is where depression starts. living with my mother, and not having anyone to talk to.. it really messes with my head.

my life was perfect...summer came and fucked it up.

im just blah right now. sorry for wasting your time. haha you shouldnt of read this.


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