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yeah so i started work last week. yes at panda express... its alright, a lot of work though... but its helping me get off my lazy ass :) and for $8 an hour, thats not really a bad thing. you should come visit me :) (dont ask for the hook-up though, cause i cant give it) blahhhhh im bored so i redid my livejournal layout!! anyway.. yeah finals.. i only had to take three finals.. i passed the psych final last week, failed the hist final today, and hopefully won't fail my english final tommorow.. its an essay. but its cool cause im pretty good at essays :) ahhh im probably gonna end up going to summer school because of history, which sucks :P yay well at least tomorrow is the last fucking day of school!! :) but im gonna be working all weekend.. which is sucky :/ i really hope i can go to geoffs bbq thing... i love you baby ♥...ok yeah i dont reallly have anything else to say so...



p.s/ come visit me at work, im gonna be there like all summer...MARINA DEL REY PANDA EXPRESS(by tower records, barnes & nobles, and the movies in the marina shopping area)
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