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for kasey, geoff, and daniel <333


kasey.. i love you soo much!! i know we've been going through some tough times, but we will get through it! thank you for ALWAYS being there for me..we've had soooo many goodtimes and yeah some shitty times, and we got through it together... lifes a bitch, but i have you as my bestest best friend and it makes everything better.. i love you kasey, with all my heart <3
my bestest friend kasey is love
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geoff.. fury.. the dj of my heart.. i love you baby!! 11/21/04 and still running strong.. thank you for being so understanding and sweet and talented and loveable and kissable and hugable and cuddly and warm :) fuck geoff we've been through a lot of shit, and its really made us stronger. words just dont even come close to how much i care about you and love you.. thank you babe.. your not only my boyfriend, but one of my very best friends <3
geoff my awesome boyfriend is love
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daniel.. ohh man wow i cant even begin to explain how much i care about you and want to thank you for EVERYTHING!!! you were there for me all summer.. without you i would probably not be here right now, you overall changed me and taught me to speak up and really be myself :) fuck you are such an awesome friend, and my role model.. i love you daniel<3
daniel my role model and hero is love
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