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RE:untouched rose's update (todays topic is fuck haters:)

dont get all pissed cause i put names in here.. but it needs to be done, unlike you, i say exactly who im talking about...

haha you finally figured out that you are the drama!!! good job!

oh and i love this line...."..only a bitch says it behind your back and then lies about it to your face.." reality check.. diana that is what you always do! what you did to kasey, what you did to me, what you are doing to maurine, and what you are going to do to julie sometime in the near future!!

ya know i feel so fucking stupid because I believed all the crap when you said you loved me and really cared for me... cause I guess the truth always comes out..."get one thing straight dani was dianes bf not mine" yeah thanks <3333aaaaaa.... remember <333aaaa and iiii forever???.. fuck you diana.. yes fuck you and all your fake shit!!! i know that yeah this is "none of my fucking business" but when my name gets pulled into it...yeah it is my fucking business!!! im just fucking sick and tired of this shit.. and dont get all pissy cause im with maurine on this one.. yeah i am.. im the only person here that will admit it.. IM CHOOSING SIDES!! and it sure as hell aint yours.. its a been there, done that, fuck that kinda thing...
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