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spring break...

yeah so everyone else is doing some sort of "wrap-up" on their spring break. im bored as hell, so why not?....

*geoff slept over ;D

*went to the beach with kasey

*kasey slept over

*got into an argument with my mom cause i wanted to take a fucking shower, and we were gonna be "late"

*go eat easter dinner with the whole crazy family

*forced to go to my step fathers in the valley, because my mother claimed i was being a "bitch" and that i needed an "attitude change"

*was stuck in the fucking valley for 3 lonngg days...(missed alateen :/) my dad kept force feeding me (trying to get me fat, because according to him im "too skinny").. but at least i got my cell back :)

*daniel calls, drama unfolds...

*FINALLY i go home!!

*geoff came over, saw the ring 2

*next day, geoff comes over again..

*we go to panda express.. and the dude comes up and gives me another application.. hope is not lost for my panda express job :)

*then we chill do "homework" lol and my sister locked my
mom out of her room.. lol

*next day i go to geoffs, chill, he plays with his turntables, cooks dinner, kasey comes over, we go to the bridge

*go to starbucks and jamba juice, this one dude was hitting on kasey..lol

*met up with tamera

*we cant get into sin city, because its rated R and we dont have I.D

*we sneak into the bridge.. then decided to go to the pacific..

*we leave the bridge, drive all the way to the other side of cc.. tameras slickness snuck us all into the pacific.. we saw sin city

*we go to coldstones, tamera dosent sing.. lol, got ice cream

*kasey and tamera left, i went back to geoffs house, we had a long deep talk

*next day, i go to my grandpas funeral in the mojave desert.. see relatives i havent seen in 5 years, met 35465454 more cousins.. lol, saw my dad drunk as hell, very emotional

*came home... my little sister and younger cousin were "missing", we looked up and down the street for them for a good half hour.

*turns out they were chillin some strangers house "coloring"

*geoff picks me up, we go to this party in hawthorne hes supposed to dj

*theres no electricity, so theres no music.

*like 100 people come and leave in a matter of 15 mins

*the dude pays geoff $70 for doing nothing

*we leave, go to the bridge, and see 'hostage'

*sneak back into my house around 4

*sleep... now here i am..

heh it wasnt that bad... i got to spend a lot of time with geoff so yii thats all that really mattered ♥

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