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fuck drama...fuck drama...fuck drama....

so yeah i know im updating angain but jesus a lot is on my mind :/ drama im so fucking sick of it. The thing that pisses me off about this particular drama is that it dosent "involve" me, yet somehow i got pushed into it!!! Another thing is that i saw it coming, yet did nothing, and that makes me feel like shit. someone is really hurting,(the way i was hurt) and i could have stopped it :/ i swear this one bitch is gonna be slapped.... im so fucking pissed right now, just so angry... cause i've realized that theres a drama cycle.. and its all revolving this one bitch (that needs to be slapped)... this cycle needs to stop now!!! And fuck if i have to be the one to do it i will... im not gonna let this happen again!!!

"I guess eventually you need to accept that some people are never going to change, and maybe the best thing is to just let them go..."
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