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happy easter?

haha does anyone else think that easter is one of the lamest holidays??? honestly, i really see no point in jesus' "rebirth" or whatever the fuck today is, as being a day we hide eggs, and eat chocolate bunnies? ah well i guess its for the kids??? right?

but anywayyyyy i feel like updating for some reason??? so here it is... umm i am back with geoffrey♥ we got back together last night...theres been a few breaks and doubts but i honestly do want to be with him♥... i know everyones like "are they together?! are they together?! are they together?!"...yes they are together! im so fucking sick and tired of all these random fucking people that are trying to be all up in MY business!!! what i do, who i talk to, where i am, shit like that has nothing to do with these people... i know they are just "looking out" for their friend, but it just really pisses me off :/ ahh here i go ranting about stupid fucking people... well heres some more....i've been thinking a lot about a "friend" of mine. well i dont even know if she considers me a friend anymore.. honestly i have no idea where the fuck shes coming from cause she throws different shit at me every day :/ i am really starting not to care whether she is in my life or not..and i have had enough of all this fucking drama, and i really just want it to END!!!

...the end


p.s/ ohh yeahhh i got my cell back :) yii so hit me up (310)591-7862
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