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lol im back!!!

lol im back!!! well i never left.. i just havent updated cause i guess i havent had much too say :/ so here it goes... ummm things have been kinda chill i guess :/ i dont know ive just been blahhh why?!?! heh i dont know.. damn im just gonna try to pass at least one class this semester... lmao im thinking about dropping japanese... man that would really piss off ahn sensei but fuck it.. i dont care.. shes a bitch now whos all up in my business.. theres a few people that are screwing around trying to fuck me up.. and fuck up anything good that i have.. but fuck them... im sick of letting shit get to me... im sick of being pissed that people are talking shit.. i mean most of the time, i am a pretty chill person that can get along with about everyone... i dont have many enemys.. cause im not that kinda person.. but i guess i just gotta cross that line when people are trying to fuck with me.. ahhh here i go ranting about people... fuck people.. i just wanna say that i love and am really thankful for all my friends that are really there for me <333333 alright im done...


Go through your photo library.

Close your eyes and randomly
pick two pictures.

Copy and Paste into your LJ

///post the pics\\\


lol theres my two random pictures... daniel with a sad face and my cousin playing guitar.. hehe

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