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some kind of update....

sooo i really havent updated anything in a while... maybe its cause all i do is work now... well im getting hella lot of money.. but im starting to think its just not worth it :/ this last weekend was scac.. i had sooo much fucking fun, only got like 4 hours of sleep all weekend.. it was cool cause i got to chill with a lot of people i havent really been keeping touch with, i got alot closer to them this weekend...sluts of 259!!! lol.. also some stupid shit happened, but overall it was tight and i cant wait for next year. "what happens at scac, stays at scac." geoffrey and i will have 8 months on thursday.. wow 8 fucking months.. that is soo crazy, but so awesome... we have been through some shit believe me... but we got through it and every day we get stronger and fall in love even more. i love my dj... he is so talented and sweet, understanding, and dedicated, and loveable.. he is wayyy more than i could ever ask for, i love him with all of my heart. And just watch, we will make a year!! i can promise you that. <333 alright untill next time, kids.. stay in school!!

love you all

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