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R.I.P Deanna Marie Itow


"Good Die Young" by D12 (altered)

"As i think back to that tragic day,
the door swung,
Open and my his voice tellin me,
Deanna was gone,
It was like a knife piercing my chest,
and I couldn't breath,
I didn't wanna accept it,
didn't wanna believe it
I swear with this weight damn,
I cried so hard
they had to carry me to the car
While I sit in my room now it's tearin me apart
But I had to let it out causes it was tearin at my heart
Cause she died over somethin so stupid and so small
A human life is so very precious I hope you all
Understand how I'm feelin cause I love you D
I wanna talk with you, laugh with you, and hug you D
But I can't and you were so close to seein your dreams
some fucking drugs came along and took you away from the team
So don't mistake this as just another song
This goes out to everyone who lost a loved one..."

R.I.P Deanna Marie Itow
May 28, 1970 ~ March 21, 2000
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